Colin Chase and the Professional Consultants working with Chase-It Marketing have collectively received numerous accolades within their industry, including client reviews of their work. Listed here are several such Recommendations provided over the past few years. (All of these Recommendations appear on LinkedIn, please connect with us on LinkedIn to learn more.)

“For nearly four years, I have had the pleasure of working with Colin Chase to successfully market several companies in the fields of health, wellness, exercise, consulting, and children with special needs. Colin is a powerhouse of creative energy, with a constant stream of ideas. His enthusiasm is contagious, igniting change in his team. His passion for his work is demonstrated in his constant professionalism, integrity, dependability, and ingenuity. Colin excels in marketing and will ensure the prosperity of his clients.

Colin’s expertise in web design, social media promotion, online marketing, public relations, branding, press releases, and television productions has been invaluable to my company. Working with Colin is like working with a friend; I trust him, work isn’t work (he makes it fun), and I know I can turn to him when I need help. I absolutely recommend Colin and look forward to future projects together.”

Dr. Julia Pewitt Kinder
Physician, Speaker, Consultant, Author
LinkedIn Profile
“Working with Colin is a pleasure. He has a deep-rooted knowledge of how to build digital awareness along with driving the in-store needle through partnerships and creative consumer offers.”

Chris Gordon
Vice President, Promotions, Home Video at Dreamworks Classics
LinkedIn Profile
Colin is an innovative marketer with the ability to bring marketing programs to life. Colin and I worked together on several cross-promotions where both partners achieved the successful outcome they sought.

Colin’s pleasant and professional demeanor made for a strong working relationship that was able to deal with issues large and small. A keen understanding of both on and offline sales and marketing concepts is what makes Colin an asset in any situation. I look forward to our paths crossing again in the near future.”

Addie Van Gessel
Account Supervisor at Resolution Media
LinkedIn Profile
Colin is amazing to work with! His dedication and integrity are evident in everything he does. As a wellness expert it was a privilege to work with Colin and his creative strategies. His passion is evident in his work and relationships with clients. I am always impressed with his follow-thru and attention to detail. I have worked with Colin on several projects including press releases and social media. His talents in these areas are outstanding!”

Michelle Rowe, RN
Registered Nurse, Speaker, Employee Well-Being Leader
LinkedIn Profile
“Colin Chase and his team pulled together and created a range of marketing materials and tools for us, including product videos, interactive CD’s, web site, art work, graphics, SEO and interactive online forms. We are still actively using and making sales from the product video & animation that he completed for us more than 7 years ago.

The quality and professionalism of the marketing tools that Colin created, gave us the huge boost in credibility and visibility that we really needed. Plus, Colin was able to deliver these marketing assets within our budget limits. I can easily recommend his services and skill set.”

Matt Vetter
President, Chicago Industrial Pump Company
LinkedIn Profile
“Colin is intelligent, creative and an “out of the box” thinker. He can look at an issue or opportunity from many angles and come up with an innovative solution. He understands the essence of brand building as demonstrated by the enormous success he orchestrated at Leisure Living. It was not an easy task through a recession, but Colin led our organization to accomplish and exceed its goals. Colin is a great team player and a stong leader. It was a pleasure to work with him!”

Gamal Jamil
(previously) Marketing Manager, Leisure Living
LinkedIn Profile
“We hired Colin Chase and his team to develop a Marketing Project. We had a basic idea, but not the means and certainly not the talent to make it a reality. Colin’s creativity, hard work and the ability to listen as much as ask, produced a product which directly lead to an increase in sales.

Sales prior to the marketing project for this specific product were less than $200K per year. One year later, the business enjoyed more than $1.2 million annually for the specific product. I could not have been more pleased. Plus, even the marketing world at large applauded the project as the 3D Animation, a main component of the project, won a Silver Telly award.”

Daryl Clendenen
President, RHI Monofrax
LinkedIn Profile
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Colin as one my clients. Colin is a very smart and talented online marketing professional who understands the value of innovative solutions to support business objectives. He has a firm grasp of the e-commerce world and would a be valuable asset to any organization.”

Meyar Sheik
CEO at Certona
LinkedIn Profile
“Colin shared an excellent presentation at IRCE 2012 on ‘How to Look Big: Growing your Brand’s Image Online and in the Public’s Eye’. His background in IT, Software Development, Marketing and E-Commerce gives him a unique perspective on Differentiation, Brand Marketing and Recognition. His experience in using a Press Release to generate SEO, tie in social media and gain attention from national media and major brands to create brand partnerships was instrumental in executing his brand strategy and increase online sales!”

Jon Pitton
Sales Director, Avertech: Workday Partner
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Interactive Multimedia Presentations

We can create an Interactive Presentation developed specifically for your Company. We combine video & animation, along with documents and other information, and deliver it with a single Graphical User Interface via the Cloud or on USB Flash Drives.

Example of an Interactive Presentation developed by Colin Chase

Typically, an Interactive Presentation would be utilized in a kiosk, or sent to a potential customer on a USB Flash Drive or delivered via the Cloud (streamed from Online Server).

Note: If delivered on a USB Flash Drive, then the Presentation auto-starts the first time the thumb drive is inserted into a computer. However, after the initial use on a single computer, it usually does not continue to automatically start. This USB Flash Drive is (of course) branded with your logo, web address and phone number. Thus, potential (and even actual) customers use the thumb drive for work files, and this keeps your company Top-Of-Mind.

Ask us about developing an Interactive Multimedia Presentation for your company. 585-939-4838

Examples of Recent Website Projects

Website Design Examples by Chase-It MarketingPlease check out our more recent Web Design Projects.

Included in these Examples:
Website Development, WordPress Site Development, eCommerce Development (Online Stores), Online Marketing (SEO & SEM / PPC Ads), Social Media Marketing, Content Development (Copywriting), Publicity Generation, Press Release Development & Online Distribution, Graphic Design, and more.

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