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Chase-It-Marketing New Website 2019 - Home pageThe website you are viewing took several weeks of effort to create, and spanned November 2018 through January  2019. We wanted to update our website’s appearance to more accurately reflect the current trends in Fully-Responsive Website Development by accentuating the website with animated web design elements.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about… No worries! (Just go look at our Home page to see what I mean. This is the reason why the sections on our webpages animate into view AS you scroll down the page.)

All you really need to know, is that Chase-It Marketing is here to provide you with the expert Web Design & Digital Marketing Services that small businesses across the country desperately need. Whether you’re based in Rochester NY or Napa CA, we can provide the Digital Marketing help you need for a price that you are more than willing to pay.

Blog section is Next

WordPress is used by default for all Website Projects conducted by Chase-It MarketingEven though we created this new website, we imported the Blog from our previous website (as we had over a dozen really good articles on it). So, our Blog – which you are reading right now – has Not been re-edited to “fit” the new design of this website. This will be happening next, over the coming weeks.

Please bear with us, and have some patience if you notice an oddity with the formatting in the Blog. We will be correcting the issues with the Blog’s appearance shortly. Stay tuned!

Monthly Service Agreements make it Easier!

Monthly Service Agreements make paying for your project easierLast year we launched a new way for our clients to pay for our services. Rather than the traditional Project-based relationship, where a Proposal is provided by us, accepted by the client with a retainer payment, and then full payment is due at the end of the project’s scope. This can make for fewer payments for our services, but much more costly payments as well.

With a Monthly Service Agreement, the project costs are spread over a longer period of time (typically, 12 months) with a recurring monthly payment made to retain our services. We still provide a Proposal (to plot our course), and you still approve it, but then the work is spread over the time period of the Service Agreement (rather than done all at once in a few months time). Contact Colin for more details.

Be Looking for New Webpages and Blog Posts

Now that we have our new Website launched, we will now expand this site with new content on a regular basis. So PLEASE check back often to see what’s going on. Better yet, sign up for our monthly Digital Marketing Email (click here for details) and be updated once a month about Web Design and Digital Marketing.

Within the next few weeks we will have more details on our website about the Monthly Service Agreements as well as our Digital Marketing and Web Design Services.

Let us know what you think, and leave a Comment below. Thanks!

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