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Increase your Google Ranking with effective SEO by Chase-It-MarketingBack in December of 2016, we thought it would be a good idea to launch a new website every year (as we had already launched 2 versions of this site during our first 4 years). However, 2017 came along and we were all too busy with projects to complete the task. We kept procrastinating until November of 2017, when I finally decided we had to move forward and we developed this new Website.

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever started the year with a well thought-out goal, and then somewhere around February you gave up?

This is a common problem. We all know that nothing happens until we move in the direction of a new goal. Just having the good intention does nothing, until you act on your intention. Things don’t happen by accident.

That’s where Chase-It Marketing comes into play. We can provide the in-depth analysis from Keyword Research to a Competitors Review, and then advise our clients on the best direction to pursue in light of their goals and budget.

Save 25% Off our Rate thru February 16th

To help make the decision to pursue your “best intentions” even easier for you, we are currently running a promotion and offering 25% off our normal development rate.*
[* = This 25% discount is available for any Website or Online Marketing Projects that would normally cost $1,000 or more in labor provided by our Consultants.]

Push vs Pull MarketingThis means that a new Website Project, which might normally run around $3,000, would be discounted by $750! Now that is true savings. But, you need to hurry, because this is a limited time offer and will end on February 16, 2018. Call us today, and begin a conversation regarding your Online needs. (Or send us an email.)

Just make sure to mention this promotion to us by saying, “Hey, it’s 2018, so GIVE ME my 25% off!” 🙂

Call or Email Today – Discover what Chase-It Marketing can do for you!


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