In Marketing, Perception is EVERYTHING. In Marketing, the impression that you give a person is what truly matters.

You either motivate the person to Act is some manner (like filling out an online form or calling your company directly).
You do Not motivate the person to act and they move on to your competitor’s website.


A Website is like an Online Billboard

A Website is like an Online Billboard, and Chase-It Marketing is your Source - Learn moreAs you know, a Website is like an Online Billboard advertising your business in the digital world. However, did you realize that your web address is just like a physical address in the real world? If your Online Billboard is off the beaten trail and on some side-road, then no one will ever see it.

As we all know, in Business, Location is Everything. Your Website NEEDS to be visible to the targeted audience.

Either it needs to be where they are looking to begin with, OR, You need to draw your ideal customer to your Website with some ploy.


Top 10 IDEAS for Generating Publicity & Engaging Your Audience


1) Keyword Research

Keyword Research is essential for successful SEO - Hover to Zoom, Click to view Image in TabKeyword Research provides a business with the best Keywords for their targeted audience based upon actual searches conducted within the search engines. Keyword Research is a crucial first step in the process of SEO and should be revisited every year, as new vernacular comes into widespread use with every new year. The words your customers use and the popularity of individual Keyword Phrases change from year to year.

Your ranking for a specific Keyword is very important. Yet, it is even more important to ensure that the Keywords you are targeting on your Website are popular and indeed being searched for among your optimal demographic. If you have not conducted Keyword Research for 2018, now is the time.


2) Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is crucial for all BusinessesIt has been said that 1 Negative Review can negate 100 Positive Reviews. There is some truth to this, as people are much more apt to be strongly influenced by negative comments. “One bad apple spoils the bunch.”

The alternate reality is also true, in that, “You can’t please All of the people, All of the time.” Inevitably, all businesses will sooner or later receive a Negative Review. And the impact can be devastating to a Small Business. The solution is to be prepared.

It is imperative that you Manage your Online Reputation, and there are proven processes for handling Negative Reviews as well as for encouraging Positive Reviews. With Online Reputation Management, you learn how to garner Positive Reviews while mitigating any Negative Reviews.

Sticking your head in the sand or screaming “Uncle” until the pain subsides is NOT the solution. Be proactive and engage in effective Online Reputation Management in 2018.


3) Online Video Promo

Three (3) Reasons to Invest in Video:

1) Google favors Online Video as an approved SEO method for increasing Ranking for targeted Keywords. Google will provide extra “link-juice” (or Ranking) for Websites using Online Video that targets specific Keywords. Online Video boosts your SEO Ranking.

2) Video is highly entertaining (even when the production is amateur, if the storyline is good) and most everyone has become accustomed to seeing it everywhere (video is prolific). Yet, a majority of Small Businesses have never had a video created which promotes and spotlights their company, products, and services. It is a fact that Video engages most online audiences better than any other website medium.

A Website is like an Online Billboard, and Chase-It Marketing is your Source - Learn more3) As we all know, Professional Video Production can be expensive. So how do you save a few bucks? By employing GoPro Video Cameras as well as Drone Video Cameras, it is possible to reduce production costs when compared to a Commercially-produced video.

Plus, intriguing videos can be crafted by using a GoPro camera attached to an employee while he or she works. For instance, think of a Tree Service company using a GoPro video camera mounted on top of the Tree Trimmer’s helmet as he trims branches off from 50-feet above the ground. The visuals this can produce are interesting to most people. And, if an interested person watches your video, then they are much more likely to view other webpages on your site too.

For an interesting perspective of your facilities, equipment, and employees, consider using aerial video produced by a Drone. Drone video footage can utilize a fly-by or take-off & hover maneuver to show-off your facilities from 400 feet up or your employees from only 20 feet up. With Drone footage an engaging video can be developed on a budget.

Chase-It Marketing can help with any of your Online Video AND 3D-Animated Product or Service Presentation needs (including both the POV GoPro video and aerial Drone video productions).

This Drone Video footage was put together in less than an hour, and is intended as a simple example of aerial video.



4) Contest or Sweepstakes

Develop Contests and Sweepstakes with the help of Chase-It Marketing - Learn moreAnother great method for garnering attention online, is through conducting a Sweepstakes or a Contest. For instance, you can allow people to “Enter Online” to join a Sweepstakes (and give away a gift card or some prize, as it doesn’t need to be cash). Or, you can run a Photo Contest, and have people submit photos (giving away some prize to the winner, which you or your website’s audience can choose). Or, you could have people submit a new Slogan for your company, and select from among the best slogans submitted.

The point is, a Contest or a Sweepstakes does not need to be overly cumbersome to develop and manage, because you can keep it simple. The idea is to Give Something Away for free and seek participation amongst a population to submit entries, and in so doing generate publicity for the Contest or Sweepstakes (and thus for your business as well).

The Chase-It Marketing Team has experience in creating and managing Contests and Sweepstakes. Let us know if we can help.


5) Cross Promotions

An often overlooked tactic for garnering attention online and offline, is through participation in a Cross Promotion with another company. The combined efforts of both businesses actively marketing the Cross-Promotion often generates an exponential effect. The difficult part is finding another company with which you have synergy and cooperative offerings.

Typically, a Cross Promotion involves the online and offline worlds with both companies agreeing to market and/or advertise the promotion to a set level (usually in terms of dollars invested).

Develop Cross Promotions with the help of Chase-It Marketing - Learn moreDevelop Cross Promotions with the help of Chase-It Marketing - Learn more


6) Neighborhood Marketing Campaigns

Companies that do business in residential neighborhoods are perfectly suited for conducting Neighborhood Marketing Campaigns. This marketing works well for the “Trade Services” such as: Lawn Care, Landscaping, Tree Services, Snow Plowing, Contract Construction, Remodelers, Painters, Roofers, etc.

Neighborhood Marketing Campaigns can increase business, and Chase-It Marketing can help - Learn moreThe concept is simple, in that you are informing your customer’s neighbors that you will be in their neighborhood on a specific date doing work that may be heard (or seen). You notify them as a courtesy, because you will be intruding upon their neighborhood for the project. However, you use this opportunity to promote your services as well.

Giving a little bag of goodies along with the notification that your company’s work will be commencing is a great way to make a good first impression. The bag of goodies can include useful items, like a coffee mug (with your logo & phone number on it) filled with candies. Or a gift card for Tim Horton’s or Dunkin Donuts along with your business card included in an envelope with the notification about the upcoming work in their neighborhood.

The clincher is that you leave a coupon for a discount (like $25 off or whatever), which is only redeemable on your website. You create a specific webpage with an online form that they must fill out to get the discount, and then you receive their information and can contact them about their project.

Chase-It Marketing has helped develop and coordinate Neighborhood Marketing Campaigns for several Trade businesses. Contact us to see how we can help.


7) Press Release

This Traditional Marketing Method is often thought of as old-school, when in reality, Press Release Distribution arrived on the Internet long before many other industries went online. There is nothing “old school” about Press Release distribution in the modern era, though the base layout and purpose of a Press Release has largely remained unchanged for the past 50 years.

Increase your Search Engine Results Ranking with effective SEO including a Press Release from Chase-It-MarketingOne of the fastest ways to boost your SEO Ranking is to distribute purposeful Press Releases using online distribution services (for instance, Google loves Press Releases, as the distribution’s backlinks are typically deemed “authoritative.” Although the overt reason for a Press Release is the hope of garnering a local News Agency into including your story on the air or in print, yet the SEO boost is often now the focal point.

A Press Release MUST (by definition) Announce something, such as: a new location opening, a new advanced equipment purchase, or even the launch of a new website. The thing to remember is that a Press Release must be announcing something. However, this is where the Marketer in you can shine, as you can “sneak” marketing-minded statements into the Press Release (usually contained within well-crafted quotes used in the Release).

Lead Consultant, Colin Chase, has written and published over two dozen Press Releases for various companies that have all received national distribution. All of the Press Releases that Colin has worked on have brought significant increases in SEO Ranking (over the long term, as intended to use the compounding effect of multiple Press Releases). Give us a call about writing and publishing a Press Release for your company.

Press Releases boost SEO Ranking and Chase-It Marketing can help


8) Postcards and Flyers

Back to the Basics with this simple, yet effective method. The right message with a simple design can make a big impact.

Design Postcards and Flyers with the help of Chase-It Marketing - Learn moreOld School? Maybe. Worth rehashing? Absolutely.

Think of what would grab your target audience’s attention. What statement could you make, or question could you ask, that would get them to ponder for just a moment. That’s all you need – one moment of pondering about your company, product, or service.

Chase-It Marketing can help design an effective Postcard, which of course will lead the recipient to your Website.


9) County or State Fairs

If you have never participated as an Exhibitor at a State or County Fair, then you may really want to look into this option. Fairs can bring valuable new business and leads, as well as provide Top-Of-Mind Awareness opportunities (in general, MARKETING).

State Fairs and County Fairs provide excellent marketing and selling opportunitiesCompanies that sell products can do very well at fairs, almost always. However, some State Fairs are great for all types of B2B Service companies as well. (Simply take a look at the previous year’s list of the participating companies to see what industries were represented.) In New York, the State Fair is a great place for all types of businesses and indeed thousands participate each year near Albany.

How does this tie back to your Website? Isn’t it obvious? You promote the heck out of our Web Address. (It’s a good idea to have free promotional items with your Web Address imprinted on them like keychains, bottle openers, refrigerator magnets, etc.)


10) SEO and SEM Campaigns

We’re saving for last, the one Online Marketing item that you can completely control and throttle at will, Pay-Per-Click Ads (which are a facet of SEM). Yes, they can be expensive, and therefore need to be actively managed. However, they can bring a load of new leads to your business.

Develop Contests and Sweepstakes with the help of Chase-It Marketing - Learn moreIf you haven’t tried PPC Ads yet, then you’ve probably noticed several of your competitors using them. In fact, typically, it will be the same handful or competitors who saturate the Sponsored Ads in Google. Why do they do this? Because it works for them (and it may be worth analyzing how they use their PPC Ads).

Additionally, Search Engine Optimization techniques are always, forevermore, a great idea for EVERY Website. If you are not actively engaged in SEO, then you need to start. SEO will help your Website come to the top of the list in Google and the major Search Engines for searches that involve your products and services. And the best part is, there are NO pay-per-the-click costs when it comes to organic ranking.

Of course, Chase-It Marketing can help with your SEO and SEM needs. Contact us today.


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