Many small businesses have never heard of these highly valuable Reports, even though most Fortune 500 Companies conduct this type of Business Intelligence Analysis on a regular basis. The reason they do this is simple. You cannot conduct successful SEO efforts without first knowing the best Keyword Phrases to target on a yearly basis.

Keyword Research is Invaluable

Keyword Research is frequently Not promoted on the list of Services offered by many SEO Firms. Yet, it would be irresponsible to conduct any SEO efforts without first conducting Keyword Research. It should not be a second thought or an upcharge; Keyword Research should be your first step in the SEO process. Anyone who is well versed in improving organic Search Engine Results Ranking will certainly know this.

Keyword Research Example - Effective SEO from Chase-It-Marketing
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Do you KNOW what KEYWORDS your Customers are Searching for Online?

Most SEO Firms ask YOU (their client) to provide the 5 to 10 Keywords that they will then use for SEO purposes, never mentioning the need for Keyword Research.

So, how do you know what the best Keywords for your company are?

Keyword Research answers this question with data from Google.

Search Volume per Keyword

The first important aspect to focus upon is the Search Volume for specific Keywords. This is the equivalent to the number of searches conducted for the Keyword Phrase within the search engine for a specified timeframe in the recent past (and more specifically, within Google). Thus, the higher Average Search numbers equate to much more potential website traffic for that Keyword. This can be a great insight, yet it brings its own challenges with it.

Keyword Research is essential for successful SEO - Hover to Zoom, Click to view Image in TabA second important item to note is the Competition column, as this indicates (basically) how robust the competition is among the marketspace players. Technically, a higher percentage indicates a more saturated playing field in regard to Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Online Advertising Campaigns.

However, typically this will also mean that these same marketspace players (i.e., other businesses) are highly likely to also be conducting SEO efforts to reduce their Paid Ad Costs. SEO is a well-known counterweight to SEM. And, it is important to realize that a saturated marketspace is always more expensive to compete within.

We being this process by working together, our clients & the Chase-It Team, to devise a list of “seed” Keywords upon which we then conduct the Keyword Research. Using this data, we determine the Search Volume for each of the Seed Keywords per month (with the raw Search Volume data coming from Google). Additionally, we then provide a list of (typically) 100 additional Keywords that are all related to the Seed Keywords, along with their Search Volume and Competition as well. From this list you decide the best Keywords to pursue.

With better input comes better decision-making.

Demographic Analysis of Keyword Research

Increase your Search Engine Results Ranking with effective SEO from Chase-It-MarketingBy utilizing this data and applying Demographic Analysis, we can determine what Keyword Phrases are most appropriate for your company. However, this decision should be coupled with a Competitors Review in order to know what your market-space is currently doing.

With the Competitors Review, we learn what Keyword Phrases your competitors are targeting, as well as how well they are succeeding. With this Business Intelligence in hand, we can determine the best Keywords for your company to target. This recommendation of the best Keywords is done in light of your Company’s Size (throughput), as well as your current Budget for the second-step in the process of SEO Marketing (both the on-site modifications and authoritative off-site backlinks).

We provide actionable, prudent analysis outlining the next steps for you to undertake.

Competitors Review Report

Competitors Analysis Report - Business Intelligence from Chase-It-MarketingA Competitors Review is a necessary Business Intelligence Report that you frequently do Not see listed in the Services of most Web Design & Development or Online Marketing companies. More formally, this service would be titled a “Competitors Online Review Report.”

We start with Keyword Research, and then we begin a Competitors Review by using the initial apparent “best” Keywords (highest Search Volume) to see which Competitors appear at the top of the search results. Usually we are able to determine if your Competitors are definitely targeting the Keyword, or if their top Ranking is due to a non-targeted Keyword Phrase that they happen to include in their content. We can also usually ascertain if they are conducting PPC (Pay-per-click) marketing for the Keyword Phrase too.

The point is, we can “see” your Marketspace in nearly real-time (the past 12 to 24 months) by coupling both Keyword Research WITH a Competitors Review. Colin Chase has provided this Service for many years to several small and large businesses, as this is how actionable SEO Marketing SHOULD begin.

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