Chase-It Marketing™ strives to provide the highest quality Digital Marketing Services for the money spent by their clients. The Key to our client’s success comes from our experienced Team members. Because, Experience Matters!

Digital Marketing Services & The Chase-It Team

New York State Congressional Districts as of 113th CongressChase-It Marketing is a collective of several Professional Consultants, each providing specific skill sets needed for each project. Due to the nature of Chase-It Marketing, the Chase-It Team working on your project may vary from the Profiles we have listed here in this Blog Post. We choose from among several trusted colleagues to provide the right Team members for each and every project.

Although, Chase-It Marketing Team members reside in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, the work we provide can be achieved here in Upstate NY, regardless of our client’s location. As such, we have served diverse clients located across several States. From California to Tennessee, and from New York to Florida.

If your project is a new Website or it involves Business Intelligence Analysis, then your project will involve Colin Chase of Rochester NY. If your project requires Video or 3D Animation, then your project will involve Chris Potter also of Rochester. However, if your project needs Illustration or innovative Design Development, then your project will involve David Clarke Smith of Syracuse NY.

Colin Chase – Website Developer & Digital Marketing Consultant

Colin Chase - Website Developer and Marketing Consultant - The Chase-It TeamColin Chase founded Chase-It Marketing™ in 2012 after spending 15 years building a successful career within marketing and computer programming. Colin has been employed by corporations for several Executive positions, including Director of eCommerce and Director of Marketing / Business Development. In addition, Colin has spent more than half of his marketing career in an agency setting working alongside dozens of companies spanning multiple diverse industries and marketspaces. He has built his career by developing Marketing Projects for a myriad of companies, both small and large alike.

Colin Chase’s skill set includes: Project & Account Management, Creative Direction, Website Development & Design, Web Programming, Business Intelligence Research & Analysis, as well as extensive Copywriting (aka, Content Development). His career has been exemplary, garnering accolades and awards for several innovative Marketing Projects. In 2012, Colin presented at the world’s largest eCommerce Convention (IRCE), providing insights on heavily leveraging Digital Marketing as a part of any Small Business Marketing Campaign (and specifically for Small Businesses who sell products online).

As the Founder of Chase-It Marketing, Colin Chase serves as the Account & Project Manager for most of the projects that Chase-It Marketing engages. Examples of Colin’s Website Design and Online Marketing skills can be seen on the “Examples of Website Development & Online Marketing” blog post.

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Chris Potter – 3D Artist and Animator

Chris Potter - 3D Artist and Animator - The Chase-It TeamAs a freelance 3D Artist & Animator, Chris specializes in the creation of technical and creative 3D illustrations, animations and motion graphics. Additionally, he works as a UX (User Experience) Designer, providing the right design for the targeted users. With over 20 years of experience in the technical publication field, Chris utilizes multimedia authoring and programming to roll everything into the creation of a complete technical publication package for your business, web site or commercial project.

As a Member of the Chase-It Team, Chris works with Colin Chase to develop Interactive Presentations that include 3D Animation, Video, product and service information, along with methods of contact. These Presentations can be used as Direct Marketing mailers, Trade Show give-aways, or viewed on a kiosk.

See some Examples of Chris’s Animation work by clicking here.

Interactive Multimedia Development is a Professional Service provided by Chase-It Marketing. Both Chris Potter and Colin Chase have received accolades for past Multimedia projects.

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David Clarke Smith – Illustrator and Visual Artist

D. Clarke Smith - Illustrator and Visual Artist - The Chase-It TeamDavid Clarke Smith, or just “Clarke” as he typically goes by, is best described as a well rounded “Jack of all Trades.” His ideas can bring both an innovative sense of the avant-garde or a classical sophistication and elegance to any marketing campaign he’s involved with. He has worked within one creative field or another since the late 1980’s. Among his skills are illustration, graphic design, photography, photojournalism, pre-press, page layout, and fine art. He also has several years experience on the more technical side of things working as a computer tech and IT consultant for other creative professionals and financial firms.

However, when the call came, he took a break from his career and enlisted in the Army National Guard. He served for almost 8 years, including a combat deployment for 12 months in Afghanistan. As Sgt. David C. Smith, a forward observer, his visual and spatial abilities were utilized and sharpened. He served with the HQT. Co. of the 27th Brigade and with the 2/108th Inf. Battalion. His other jobs in the military included teaching classes in the field, and giving presentations.

He also offered his creative skills helping recruiting command by arraigning a National Guard presence at various festivals and public events as well as designing and setting up the displays and making sure they were manned and supervised. Among his many decorations and commendations are: NYS Medal for Merit, Army Reserve Compnt Achievement Medal, Combat Action Badge and Army Commendation Medal. He was honorably discharged in March 2013. This valuable military experience brings with it a mindset of assessing the situation and planning a strategy that, when implemented in the marketplace, means a successful placement and exposure for your brand.

Mr. Smiths photographs, taken while in Afghanistan, has been on public display. He has a had many of his fine art works in oil, acrylics and mixed media shown at various art shows over the years and sold into several private collections.

As a Member of the Chase-It Team, Clarke develops Visual components for projects that require a higher level of artistic expression or flair. His work is not limited to the examples shown, but his website seeks to promote his most intriguing recent compositions.

See some Examples of Clarke’s Visual Art by clicking here.

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More Team Member Profiles to Come

We will be displaying more of our various Team Members over the coming months here on our Blog. To learn more About Chase-It Marketing click here.

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