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The only way to conduct effective and profitable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to KNOW what the Best Keywords are for your products and services. Without Keyword Research, you may be targeting less profitable Keywords or Keywords that are not really in use any longer.

Additionally, an effective method for gleaning new profitable ideas for your Website is to conduct a thorough Competitors Review. Business Intelligence Reports such as a Competitors Review focus on your leading competition, determining what Online Marketing is working for your Competitors.

Colin Chase has conducted both Keyword Research & a Competitors Review for several of my websites. The result has always been new and successful ideas for more effective [Online] Marketing. Knowing what my customers are searching for when they use Google is crucial, so that we know what Keywords to target. And knowing what my competition is doing online always provides insights I cannot get anywhere else.

– Dr. Julia Kinder, DO

Keyword Research & Competitors Review

A Website is like an Online Billboard - Responsive Website Development from Chase-It MarketingYour Website is like a Billboard. However, it is an Online Billboard that is located on a deserted Internet highway. No one will ever see your Website, unless you promote it in specific manners. The most cost-effective manner for your Website to be seen online is to conduct effective SEO, and in so doing your Website will appear at the top in online searches (and people who have an interest will visit your site).

Keyword Research utilizes actual Google Data to show the Search Volume for specific Keyword Phrases, as well as providing dozens of “related” keyword phrases that are valuable. Search Volume is the number of Searches for each Keyword Phrase that people have searched for on Google PER MONTH (spanning the previous 1 to 2 years). This Report will also indicate the Search Volume on a month to month basis, so that you can see the Date Ranges pertaining to when Online Searches surge in Google for your products and services. To learn more about Keyword Research, please see our Blog Post here –

A Competitors Review provides an in-depth look at what your “top” Competitors are doing on their Websites as well as what they are doing to promote their Websites. Typically, it can be determined what Online Marketing approaches each of your Competitors are focusing upon, and how well it appears their efforts are working. A Competitors Review is a very important Business Intelligence Report that should be conducted periodically. To learn more about a Competitors Review, please see our Blog Post here –

Keyword Research Example - Effective SEO from Chase-It-Marketing
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Save Up To 50% Off

Our Keyword Research Starter Package is normally $400, which includes 4 to 5 hours of project time. Right now, through March 30th, you can receive our Keyword Research Starter Package for only $300! Save $100!

Our Competitors Review Starter Package is normally $400, which includes 4 to 5 hours of project time. Right now, through March 30th, you can receive our Competitors Review Starter Package for only $300! Save $100!

However, Keyword Research and a Competitors Review go hand-in-hand. They work best when combined, as the one analysis feeds the other.

So, you can RECEIVE BOTH OUR KEYWORD RESEARCH STARTER PACKAGE AND OUR COMPETITORS REVIEW STARTER PACKAGE FOR ONLY $400 TOTAL! (That’s only $200 apiece when purchased together)! Save $200, which is 50% Off!

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