Someone could be Reviewing your company online, right now. What will they say?

Online Reputation Management

A few years ago, a new term was brought to the forefront of the Online Marketspace – “Online Reputation Management.” Of course, every business develops a reputation over time. However, in the world of Online Marketing, a reputation can skyrocket upwards quickly, and then plummet downwards due to a few Negative Reviews posted online.

Online Reputation Management from Chase-It Marketing assists in obtaining POSITIVE REVIEWSReview Sites have existed for some time now, but over the past few years they have become more vital to the success of any business (brick-and-mortar stores, the typical trades, as well as cloud-based businesses). People are asked to “rate” things all the time, and thus, to do so is becoming second nature (almost reflexive) for many people. This is especially true when a person’s expectations are not met.

Your company is being Reviewed online, whether or not you like it. Between Yelp, Facebook, and Google Reviews, everybody has easy access to a 3rd-party system in which they can AND will provide Reviews about your products or services.

It is crucial for every business to proactively manage their Online Reputation. In order to effectively manage your Online Reputation, it is imperative that you garner multiple Positive Reviews, while concurrently mitigating any Negative Reviews. But how?

How to Foster Good Reviews

In order to effectively manage your Online Reputation, you must garner as many Positive Reviews as possible. But how do you get a customer or client to take the time and provide an Online Review?

Online Reviews happen all the time, so make sure your Reviews are POSITIVE - Chase-It Marketing can helpEven when a customer is completely satisfied & happy with the product or service, it seems there can be a disconnect in regard to them following through with posting a Positive Review on Google or Yelp. So, how do you motivate your “happy” customer to provide a good review?

The answer is like most in the business world. You obtain more Positive Reviews by employing specific proven Processes & Techniques.

This can be as simple as a Handout (mini-flyer) which asks for a Customer Review, and then given to the customer when the job is done. Or it can involve multiple complex steps, such as “Please Provide a Review… And if you do, you will receive a free $25 Gift Card.” A multi-step process may be necessary in some industries, depending upon the specific demographics of the targeted market.

Chase-It Marketing will help you implement the most effective Online Reputation Management strategy, specifically tailored to your customers and clients.

How to Mitigate Bad Reviews

Frustration can be caused from NEGATIVE Reviews - Chase-It Marketing helps mitigate any negative reviewsAs mentioned above, posting a Review about a business is often done in the heat of anger. “You can’t please ALL the people, ALL the time” is very true.

Whether the customer has a legitimate complaint or they are just a cantankerous person who is having a bad day, Negative Reviews can be devastating to a Small Business.

It has been said that 1 Negative Review can negate 100 Positive Reviews, and there is some truth to this. The goal is to address the Negative Review with a properly worded Reply, and then to bury it with numerous Positive Reviews. But how is this achieved?

Again, as with most things in the business world, you solve this dilemma by utilizing specific proven Processes & Techniques. And you gain knowledge of these Processes and Techniques by contracting with the Professional Consultants at Chase-It Marketing™.

To mitigate a Negative Review, the first thing is a well-worded Reply to the Review. This is essential. You must address the situation publicly, because their Negative Review is public.

Certain things must be included in the Reply, but typically an apology is provided (i.e., “I am so sorry you were unhappy with our work”) and then a “Reach Out” asking the customer to contact you directly. (Note: 75% of Complaining Customers will never read your Reply, nor will they call you. However, you need to be prepared to offer them something to appease their angst, just in case they do call.) The point is, there are proven Techniques to handle Negative Reviews, and WE can help YOU implement them.


Testimonial for Online Reputation Management provided by Chase-It Marketing“I was in a trade business for over 10 years. There were only two or three times that I had customers with complaints that escalated, and so I utilized the Better Business Bureau’s services to handle those complaints properly. Because I handled these few complaints using the BBB’s services for Complaint Resolution, my BBB Rating kept at a solid ‘A’ for many years.
However, in 2014, I again encountered an upset customer, but this one was over-the-top and blaming me for things I had nothing to do with. So, we used the BBB’s Complaint Resolution services, and the BBB sided with me. The Complaint was marked as Resolved and then Closed. Or so I thought. Then a few months later I came across 3 Negative Reviews about my business on three separate Review Sites. This customer was on a mission to destroy my business, even though the issue had been officially resolved.
It was a nightmare, as it started having an effect on my bottom line. As of 2014, in my industry, many people were starting to check Online Reviews before hiring a company. These 3 Negative Reviews cost me a lot of money in lost business, and there was apparently nothing I could do legally or otherwise.
However, in 2016, when I hired Colin and Chase-It Marketing to build a new Website, they explained to me what Online Reputation Management could do for me in regard to this problem. It took about a year of diligently working with the techniques that they taught me, but the results were just what I wanted. We greatly increased my Positive Reviews and essentially got rid of the Bad Review.
It is also important to note that at the beginning of engaging with Online Reputation Management, I had Colin do most of the work until I felt comfortable with the process he was using. After about a year, I took over this work, and now I manage my own Online Reputation. I absolutely recommend Colin Chase and Chase-It Marketing. They have the experience needed to get results, and it shows.

– S.M., Rochester, NY


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