Do-It-Yourself Websites Do Not Equal Easy Money

Do-It-Yourself Websites Do Not Equal Easy Money

There are a TON of Do-It-Yourself Website builders, all claiming that you can “Do It Yourself” with the expectation of saving money. These services provide a fairly easy-to-use website building Tool and offer it for a low monthly service fee.

Well, as numerous Start-ups and solo-Entrepreneurs have learned the hard way, having such a Tool does NOT equal being able to utilize said Tool effectively. (For instance: As I can attest, just because you have a hammer, some wood, and a bunch of nails does NOT mean that you are able to build a utility shed in your backyard. I tried to do this last year, but I failed.)

Make a True Resolution

Make a True Resolution - Call Chase-It Marketing today!Every year, millions of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions to move in a new direction and make a change that lasts a lifetime.

However, 99% of us FAIL at keeping our Resolutions. We analyze our situations and desire for true change, and yet implementing the new direction seems out of reach. We struggle to make a change that endures past January 31st.

This year, in fact right now, make a change that brings your business new life.

How? Create an Online Presence that Wows your target audience with visually appealing, intuitive, and motivating content. A fully-Responsive Website with the right mix of Social Media Marketing and Online Publicity can yield great results, IF it is done effectively for the targeted demographic.

Fully Responsive Websites, effective Online Marketing, and influential Social Media Marketing - Chase-It Marketing™

Professional Website Design

At Chase-It Marketing™, we pride ourselves in providing the right advice for each client’s Marketing Goals. As we all know, an effective Website is the starting point for any business endeavor. If you don’t exist online, then you simply do NOT exist.

Professional Website Design - Call Chase-It Marketing today!Yet, even with a fully Responsive Website that engages the targeted audience properly, a Website must also be found. If no one ever visits your site, then all the bells & whistles in the world will not get them to become paying customers. You need eyeballs looking at your site, and more than that, the right eyeballs.

Social Media and Online Marketing can generate the hubbub you need, to garner the target market’s attention. If it is done right.

Experienced Marketing Professionals

Award Winning Marketing & Creative Professionals - Call Chase-It Marketing today!Colin Chase and the team at Chase-It Marketing have decades of experience in developing effective Websites that get results. Much of what we learn in the real world of our careers cannot be taught in a classroom, it must be experienced first-hand for the knowledge to be gained. Hiring a newbie, or even a professional with less than 10 years of real experience, greatly limits your Project’s potential.

Enough cannot be said for the wisdom and acumen that only Experience can teach. Let us help you by providing the best advice and the utmost attention to detail for your specific website or marketing campaign.

Contact Chase-It Marketing today, and begin a dialog that can change your business forever. Call Colin at 585-939-4838 or send him an email at

Fully Responsive Websites, effective Online Marketing, and influential Social Media Marketing - Chase-It Marketing™


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