Chase-It Marketing™ is a Group of Professional Consultants who together form a Digital Marketing Agency, Web Design Firm, & Online Marketing Company.

We do Not use a Sales Team, so when you call or email us, you will be communicating with the person who will be doing the work on your project. We’re not here to sell you some pre-packaged deal, but to offer your business a custom Digital Marketing solution involving various services as needed.

We promise to listen intently, analyze your situation thoroughly, and propose a custom solution to reach your goals within your budget.

Marketing Consulting Firm

Chase-It Marketing Founder, Colin Chase, on the set of an Online Video ProductionAs a Marketing Consulting Firm, Chase-It Marketing provides: Website Development, Graphic Design, Online Video Production, Keyword Research, SEO & SEM Services, Online Reputation Management, plus Social Media Management. Call us today and speak with a Marketing Consultant one-on-one.

We don’t just design a fully-responsive Website, we also incorporate SEO and boost your ranking in the Search Engines by utilizing Keyword Research and a Competitor’s Review.

We don’t just manage and post items to your Social Media pages, we also foster Positive Online Reviews and mitigate any Negative Online Reviews with Online Reputation Management.

We don’t just create cool Videos to share online, we enhance your Social Media and boost your SEO Ranking by harnessing the true value of Online Video Production.

Chase-It Marketing is Different

The Professional Consultants at Chase-It Marketing™ have acquired numerous accolades and awards over their long careersAt Chase-It Marketing, our Consultants meet one-on-one with potential clients to gain an overview of their company, and to truly listen to their specific needs and goals. It is true that many companies require the same things. However, each company’s specific needs are unique, just as each company is truly unique.

After our initial meeting with a potential client, we analyze your situation and your goals, and devise a way to reach those goals within the budgetary constraints conveyed to us. We then draft a Proposal, which includes our Price Estimate and also serves as the Contract for the services we will provide (once the client agrees). Our Proposals are in-depth and include several pages, which we discuss with each potential client to ensure they understand what we are proposing. We then revise the Proposal per the discussions with the client, ensuring that we are on the same page.

Typically, there is some back-and-forth between Chase-It Marketing and the client during the Proposal process. It is normal for a client to discover new ideas during our conversations, and thus they may ask for something additional to be added or even certain components to be removed from the Proposal before they agree. Such back-and-forth is normal and to be expected.

Chase-It Marketing Does NOT…

We do NOT employ a pushy Sales Team and have them call business after business all day long pestering people.

We do NOT offer pre-packaged Service deals and then outsource the actual work overseas.

We do NOT offer media-deals that include an agreement that forces you to spend Thousands of Dollars in advertising.

We do NOT force our clients into a monthly Service Agreement that makes them pay Hundreds of Dollars every month for services they do not need.

We do NOT play all the Games that the other Digital Marketing Companies play.

At Chase-It Marketing we do NOT use pushy Salespeople


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