Small Businesses need video content to share online and they all know this. Yet, Commercial Video Production can be very expensive.

Did you know? Chase-It Marketing™ provides affordable Video Production.

We provide Online Videos for your Website, as well as 3D Animations. Everything from quick video segments to enhance an idea in a blog post, to high-end computer animated 3D Product Presentations.

Affordable Video Production & 3D Product Animations

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Colin Chase and the team at Chase-It Marketing have created numerous video segments over the years. Several videos produced by Chase-It Team Members have won industry accolades & awards. Kudos aside, this award-winning team provides affordable Video Production for Small Businesses.

Whether your budget is $500 or $5000, we can help develop the Video Content that you need for your Website and your Social Media sites. We provide whatever Video Production is necessary for your project: aerial Video, point-of-view Video, traditional Video, and 3D Animations.

Interactive Multimedia & 3D Product Presentations - Pitbull Pumps Example by Chase-It Marketing - Click to Contact Chase-It Marketing today

Affordable video production is just a phone call away in Rochester, NY as well as Buffalo, NY and Syracuse, NY. Our Online Video Production team is physically located in Upstate New York, and so this service is somewhat restricted by our geographic location. However, our 3D Animation Design and 3D Product Presentation development are Not dependent upon our physical location, as we use Engineering Schematics and CAD files for their creation.

Aerial Drone Video

Aerial Video using a Phantom Drone provides interesting perspectives on the world below - Click to learn more about Chase-It Marketing's Digital Marketing ServicesRecently, we have been enjoying our Drone’s Aerial Video. The perspective that aerial video provides is interesting and full of impact. There is nothing quite like a birds-eye view.

Each of the Drone Videos shown below were created in about an hour, and are intended as examples of frugal Online Video Production. These videos could be shared on your Website, Blog, and Social Media pages. Imagine the Drone flying up and over your facilities as well as your equipment or inventory. It can be an impressive site, which only a Drone can film.

GoPro® Point-of-View (POV) Video

GoPro® Point-of-View (POV) video production provides interesting perspectives from your vantage point - Click to Contact Chase-It Marketing todayWe also provide GoPro® Point-of-View (POV) video production, which can be used to show you or your employees working, but the camera shows what they see from their perspective. With POV Video Production, the camera itself is attached to the person and literally films from their vantage point.

Product Presentations with Video & 3D Animation

The fourth Video example listed below includes a 3D Product Animation, which is part of an Interactive Multimedia production. This Product Presentation is currently being used by an American Manufacturer based in Chicago, IL.

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EXAMPLES of Video Production & 3D Product Animations







Colin Chase and his team pulled together and created a range of marketing materials and tools for us, including product videos, interactive CD’s, web site, art work, graphics, SEO and interactive online forms. We are still actively using and making sales from the product video & animation that he completed for us more than 7 years ago.

The quality and professionalism of the marketing tools that Colin created, gave us the huge boost in credibility and visibility that we really needed. Plus, Colin was able to deliver these marketing assets within our budget limits. I can easily recommend his services and skill set.

– Matt Vetter, President
Chicago Industrial Pump Company


Interactive Multimedia & 3D Product Presentations - Pitbull Pumps Example by Chase-It Marketing - Click to Contact Chase-It Marketing today


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