About Chase-It Marketing
Colin Chase started Chase-It Marketing™ with a vision for providing leading-edge Marketing to both Small Businesses and Large Corporations. To achieve this, Chase assembled a group of highly experienced consultants, seasoned colleagues that he had worked with for many years.

Simply stated, Chase-It Marketing offers diverse expertise in Creative Design, Programming, and Digital Marketing. We value creative talents and years of diverse marketing experience to ensure that your Marketing Project & overall Campaign are done right, the first time.

The Professionals at Chase-It Marketing take your Marketing Project very seriously, because we “get it.” Your success depends upon properly designed and executed digital marketing.

Colin Chase, Founder of Chase-It Marketing

Visit Colin Chase on LinkedIn - Innovative Marketing Consultant and Founder of Chase-It Marketing™Colin Chase, Founder and Lead Consultant for Chase-It Marketing, has enjoyed a Creative career involving Programming, Website Design & Development, eCommerce (Online Store) Development, Online Marketing, Multimedia Marketing, Copywriting (Content Development), Marketing Strategy & Plan Development, as well as extensive Research & in-depth Analysis.

Colin and the Team at Chase-It Marketing have worked with well-known Personalities & household Brands, as well as Start-ups & small local establishments. We help Business Owners devise & execute effective Digital Marketing Strategies specific to their industry and catered to their budget.

To learn more about Colin Chase, please see his LinkedIn Profile or his Career Profile website.

Chase-It Marketing™ is a Collective of Several Talented Consultants

The Professional Consultants at Chase-It Marketing™ have acquired numerous accolades and awards over their long careersChase-It Marketing began in 2012 as a loose-knit group of four experienced Consultants, each with more than 10 years career experience. Each member on the team is a free-lance Marketing Professional, providing a different skill set within the Marketing, Programming, Technical, or Creative fields. The Chase-It Marketing Team has worked for clients that have large multi-year Marketing Campaigns, as well as one-off projects with relatively quick-turnaround for smaller businesses.

Chase-It Marketing has naturally stayed current with the times, adapting to the ever-changing Online landscape. However, as of 2017, only 2 of the original 4 members are still consulting with Chase-It Marketing, and 3 new faces have now come into the fold. Profiles of each Consultant on the Chase-It Team will appear in our Blog starting this spring. (Stay tuned.)

Visit D. Clarke Smith on LinkedIn - New Illustrator working with Chase-It Marketing in 2018The professional Consultants working with Chase-It Marketing have won numerous accolades and awards within their respective fields of expertise. Notably among them: Telly Awards, Davey Awards, Computer Animated Video Awards, Fine Art Awards, and more. With Chase-It Marketing, you obtain a plethora of professional experience. And that gives you a real edge over your competition.

Chase-It Marketing is able to provide whatever Marketing or Creative skill set is required. We don’t JUST provide effective Online Marketing Strategies & impressive fully “Responsive” data-driven Websites. We also offer a complete line of Digital Marketing and Creative Services from Video & Animation Production to Online Reputation Management, and from Online Store Development to traditional Corporate Branding.

Digital Marketing Services Available from Chase-It Marketing

  • Website Design & Development
    (We promote the use of WordPress as back-end CMS, and Fully Responsive Themes)
  • Online Marketing – SEO (on-site and off-site), SEM (PPC and Banners), SMM (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), & Local Marketing services (Google Business and Google Maps)
  • Online Reputation Management: Promoting and obtaining Positive Reviews, as well as handling any Negative Reviews
  • Keyword Research: Learn what Keywords relate to your Products or Services, and how often per month people search for these phrases on Google
  • Online Competitors Review: Formal Review of your Top Online Competitors (based upon Search Results for the Top Keywords)
  • Graphic Design: Website Graphic Design, Image modifications, Corporate Branding, brochures, presentations, etc.
  • Copywriting: Content Development for use online or in print, including research & analysis needed for articles & blogs.
  • eCommerce Development: Online Store Setup & Management including all aspects (from Payment Processing to Email Campaigns) and experience using several back-end systems
  • Online Video Production: Budget-conscious video development, may utilize GoPro Cameras and Drone Aerial Video
  • Commercial Video Production: Full service Video Production Services available for use in projects, including professional Actors if needed
  • 3D Rending: 3D Modeling for use in Product Ads and Promotion, full 3D CGI Animation for Interactive Marketing and Direct Marketing
  • Interactive Multimedia Presentations for use at Trade Shows and to include in Mailers (Direct Marketing)
  • Publicity Generation services including Press Releases and PR Campaigns
  • Neighborhood Marketing Campaigns: Neighborhood targeting for Direct Marketing pieces as part of a coordinated program



Industries & Markets Served

The team at Chase-It Marketing have served diverse clients in numerous industries, including:

  • Small “Mom & Pop” Businesses
  • Retail Stores
  • Tourist Destinations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Physicians
  • National Speakers
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Health Care Organizations
  • Health & Fitness companies
  • US-based Manufacturers
  • Food & Beverage companies
  • Restaurants
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Citizen Action Groups
  • Membership Clubs
  • Veteran Clubs
  • Educational Organizations
  • Software Development companies
  • Law Firms
  • Professional Consultants
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Real Estate Agents & Realtors
  • Commerial Property Developers
  • Tree Services
  • Electricians
  • Plumbing companies
  • Mechanics
  • Mobility Products companies
  • and miscellaneous Service industry companies


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Examples of Recent Website Projects

Website Design Examples by Chase-It MarketingPlease check out our more recent Web Design Projects.

Included in these Examples:
Website Development, WordPress Site Development, eCommerce Development (Online Stores), Online Marketing (SEO & SEM / PPC Ads), Social Media Marketing, Content Development (Copywriting), Publicity Generation, Press Release Development & Online Distribution, Graphic Design, and more.

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